Soda Bottle Rocket Launchers

Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher –

See link for easy to use/inexpensive model here:  Hot Link

This is a fantastic Pack, Den or Campout activity – this design is simple and easy to use with very little adjustment required.

A few tips – Don’t use 2 liter bottles – they take a long, tiring time to fill up with air with a hand pump.  Also – use only Coke bottles vice mix of Pepsi/Coke – they are slightly different and require adjustment to the launch mechanism.

The launcher is “light” so I have mine attached to a piece of plywood so that it doesn’t tip over and hurt someone — also, highly recommend you tilt the launcer so that the rockets fly “down range” where the boys are not standing – into a safe zone – otherwise they will go straight up and come straight down – and they do come down fast as they have no recovery system.

Questions?  Make a comment here and we will answer,

Bob C

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3 Comments on “Soda Bottle Rocket Launchers”

  1. Larry Says:

    Actually tell us how to do it

    • cactus86 Says:

      Larry, to save time, I would just go to Youtube and search for “soda bottle rocket launcher” and you will find a wealth of tips and demonstrations there –
      Bob C

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