Links to Ceremonies that folks within ODD have used with success – share yours here – just email it to Bob C at rkascolella@verizon.net


Some of Bill Wilson’s RT Openings:  Link

Arrow of Light Bill Wilson’s Script


A rubber band, To remind you to be flexible

A paper clip, To help you hold things together

An eraser, To remind you that no mistake or misunderstanding is permanent

Bubble gum, To remind you that the child within is important

A crayon, To inspire you to go out and color the world

Smarties, To remind you that you are smart

Post It Notes, To keep the communication flowing

A quote, To inspire the leader within

Snickers Bar, To keep you laughing

A yellow pencil, To write down those great ideas

A Band-Aid, To remind you to heal problems and hard feelings

Stars, To remind you what you are reaching for


Crossover Ceremony – Here is a script you can use along with the bridge you see below:  Pack 684 Webelos Crossover Ceremony for Blogv2

The bridge is available for “loanout” if you want to give it a go – shoot me an email at rkascolella@verizon.net


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