Cub Scout 500

Cub Scout 500 – Have the cub scouts build a “race car” at home. Tell them to use a cardboard box for the car and decorate it with whatever they want. They can make holes in the sides for their arms or make straps to go over their shoulders to keep the car on. Any materials are allowed, such as pie pan wheels and paper towel roll exhaust pipes. The next pack meeting will be the big race. All scouts should bring their car, a water bottle, a towel and an extra set of “tie” shoes. Set cones in a grassy area to map out the oval track (not too big so the Tigers will physically make the whole race!) Each scout has one person as their “pit crew” who will stand on the inside of the track at the start line. Begin with the Tigers. Have the scouts race in their cars around the track one time and stop at their pit. The pit crew takes off their shoes and replaces them with ties shoes. This is “changing the tires.” One more circle around and then a stop at the pit crew for a “fill up.” For the fill-up, each scout eats two saltine crackers and washes it down with water before running the final lap. And of course, at the end of the final lap, cheer everyone on for a job well done! This event is exciting, has spills, thrills and fallen car parts after each race – fun for the parents too!


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