American Red Cross Basic Aid Training (BAT)

 Cub Scouts working on the BSA Emergency Prepardness Pin who are Wolves or Bears need to accomplish the American Red Cross Basic Aid Training (BAT) course.

The Student Guides and Instructor Lesson Plans for the Course are provided below.  They are really well done and will provide you with a meaningful script for a Den Meeting focused on Basic Aid.

(Tiger Cubs are directed to complete the Red Cross First Aid For Children Today (FACT) Course – we don’t have links for that program here….yet)


for full details on the Emergency Prepardness Pin

Required Units One through Six

Units one and two have very good Instructor Lesson Plans attached.  The other units do not at this time, but I will check back with the Red Cross folks who produced this program to see if they have any added material.

Optional “Test” for Units One through Six

Optional Units Seven through Eleven


10 Comments on “American Red Cross Basic Aid Training (BAT)”

  1. Katie Says:

    The links to the units are really helpful. The course overview link, however doesn’t work. Thanks for making this available – hoping to have some excited wolves over the next few weeks!

    • cactus86 Says:

      Thanks Katie,
      The page is no longer available – in its place I put the BSA guidance on earning the Emergency Prepardness Pin and added the link back to the site to help folks out.
      I don’t know much about the FACT program for Tigers, but have a note to check it out and see what I can add here.
      The BAT course was very hard to find – and once found it had to be something you had to be enrolled in to access – and once you were “done” you no longer had access – so I pulled the materials down and have them posted here for folks to gain access.

  2. James Says:

    are these 11 links the entire program?

    • cactus86 Says:

      James – these links are the 11 modules that existed at the time I took the course through the Red Cross online.
      The first six are “required” to complete the BAT training, while 7-11 are “optional”

  3. jlpbird Says:

    Know were I can get the FACT course?

    • cactus86 Says:

      I do not — but if you find out – let the rest of us know!

      • cactus86 Says:

        I just found a little “bit” on FACT but not much – an instructor guide on Amazon and Alabama Red Cross website had some data on the course itself, but not a lot out there yet…..

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Does this have to be instructed by an American Red Cross instructor for the boys to get credit?

    • cactus86 Says:

      This does not have to be taught by a Red Cross instructor. It is designed to be taught using the provided instructional aids.
      Bob C

  5. Peggy Says:

    I cannot thank you enough for posting all of this! I want to do this with my wolves!

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