Letterboxing is like Geo-caching except you don’t use a GPS – it is all based on “directions.”  Object is to find the box which holds a “stamp” which you use to stamp your letterbox book (which you build/make) and then stamp the book in the cache with your personal stamp

Here is a guide  – Link to Guide

Kids use a personal “stamp” which you can make/carve.  Also, kids use a notebook to store their “stamps” from each cache.

Here is a link to “Caches” that you can look for in Northern VA (site also has lots to offer in terms of “how to” – you can join this site, but can use its resources without doing so as well.  There are lots of other sites that folks use to register their caches.

Important guidelines – keeping kids on the trails and not letting kids root around for the “caches” by sticking their hands into holes – most of these are hidden under logs or in tree holes – so bring some leather gloves so you can put your hand in there first and make sure you aren’t disturbing something that already lives there.

I have done the following and they were pretty good:


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